Health Coaching Services

Full Support

$70 / month

This is a six month program with two 60 minute sessions per month.

Is it hard to keep up motivation when dealing with everyday life issues that seem to set you back? With this program we focus on solving the issues that prevent you from having success while also building healthy habits and routines. The idea is to work on breaking down barriers that have defeated you before, replace them with healthy habits, and to make those new routines consistent to have long term success . This package offers the best chance to address your concerns, fix them, and MAINTAIN your new healthy lifestyle.

Individual Session

$50 / Session

An Individual One-on-One Session

Had questions over what foods you should be eating? Want tips on how to keep your exercise routine consistent? Want more information on better ways to help manage your stress? This is a one time, 60 minute session to address your health needs.


$80 / month

A three month program that includes two 60 minute sessions per month.

This package is all about building a foundation for your new healthy lifestyle.

Jump Start

$160 package

One 60 minute session per week for four consecutive weeks

A great way to start improving your knowledge on your health to begin building healthier routines for yourself.

Methods of Health Coaching

  • In-person Session

    Sessions in person are most beneficial for individuals that enjoy face to face interaction best. Individuals that feel more accountable meeting in person or individuals that would rather not have to deal with telephone or Skype benefit the most from this type of session.

  • Phone Session

    Sessions via phone are the most flexible for individuals with a busy lifestyle. Phone sessions may take place at home while watching children, commuting to or from work with a hands free device, or for individuals that just have such a hectic schedule it would be difficult to meet in person.

  • Skype or Zoom Session

    Sessions via Skype are best for individuals that benefit having face to face communication but may not be able to meet with a Health Coach in person. Individuals that live long distance from a Health Coach, have anxiety meeting in person, or have physical restrictions would benefit the most from this option.

All methods can lead to meeting your health goals so choose which one you feel would work best for you. You are more than welcome to switch between session types throughout working together. During the time of our sessions you are welcome to send emails for free over any questions or concerns you may have.