“Thank you so much Rick for coaching me the last several weeks! Your ideas and information were great and really helped me get on track! I highly recommend your services!”

“Rick was my health coach for six months. Since I live out of town, every two weeks we had a phone coaching session. This was very convenient for me and Rick was also very flexible when scheduling the date and time. I learned a lot from Rick during six months. My health goals were all long term, life changing, life long, etc. I needed tools, tips, guidance, resources, etc to get me started on this new path. Rick provided all this and more and also accountability. I greatly appreciate all the help he gave me and I look forward to continuing to implement everything I learned from him and also look forward to seeing many more positive changes!”

“Rick is awesome. He pushes you to reach your fullest potential. He adds his knowledge of diet and weights to personalize a program of success.”

“I have trained with Rick for a year. I love it! He encourages to do the things you love in the gym.
Rick is also my health coach. I don’t know what I do without him. He wants me to eat healthy and exercise. He tells me to follow the plan and the results will come.”

“Rick has a fantastic attitude…very customer needs-oriented and friendly. He continually keeps up with the health coaching industry so he can impart the latest information to his clients. I’m particularly pleased that he is good with clients of all ages and backgrounds.”

“Rick Adams has been my trainer/coach, friend for almost 3 years. He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, compassionate, respectful, patient, encouraging, guides well, has flexible scheduling. He came up with a special workout therapy for me, as I am disabled. I do call him my physical therapist, as he is really much better than the PT centers I have attended. Rick has complete knowledge of training with an extensive background in health education. He is young & vibrant.”

“When I began working with Rick 1 1/2 years ago, I had decided to lose weight and increase strength to improve my daily activities. I was experiencing regular back pain, shoulder weakness and arthritis in some areas. When we began, my back and core were so weak that many simple exercises needed modification which he was easily able to do. I committed to regular exercise and soon started a food plan. Rick began by selecting basic, safe exercises most targeting one or two muscles. With consistent workouts, my strength increased and I became able to do more complex exercises. My BMI is now in the healthy range, my body fat percentage is normal, my back pain is gone, and my strength has increased throughout all of my muscles groups. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t worked with Rick.”